Read what people have to say about working with Mary!

Working with Mary on the Beyond Desperation project was truly an amazing experience. She is a phenomenal actress who really dives into her character and delivers beyond expectations. Her professionalism and focus was refreshing and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. It was an enlightening experience watching Mary bring life and dimension to such an unusual character, but nothing less should be expected, as she impresses with her natural talent. I am looking forward to working with Mary on future projects.
— Damon Darrell, Writer & Director "Beyond Desperation"
Mary’s talent is only succeeded by her professionalism
— Rudy Cecera, Actor & Producer "Mabel's Dressing Room"
Mary is such a beauty. And beyond that she is a proper actress who knows how to take direction. She and I took a simple scene and worked it into a masterpiece! She is capable of showing so much range. She has an ease about her that makes me feel...comfortable
— Joseph Polacik, Director "Mabel's Dressing Room"
Mary is one of the most talented actors that I have ever worked with in my 13+ years making independent films. She is perceptive to the needs of the story and is open minded about experimenting with off the cuff ideas. It’s rare to find actors who simply “get it”. Mary is one of those actors as she clearly understands the medium. I will jump at the opportunity to work with her again.
— Eric Norcross, Director "The Spaceship"
Mary is a committed, focused and immensely talented actress. An absolute pleasure to work with!
— Chris Russell, Actor & Director "The Doorman"
Working with Mary on this project was interesting considering her character shared a persona with a child. Taking on her role took different dynamics as an actress. As a director working with her, we both had to find out exactly what being a “martian” meant, and how we both felt it was best performed, and portrayed in the context of the short film. From day one she really grasped what I had in mind when my team and I finished writing the screenplay, and from there her and I cultivated this character and brought it to life. The conversations we had and the challenges we faced on the project were a great learning experience, as well as an exercise for our artistic minds.
— Joe Flanagan, Director "The Martian"
It was a pleasure working with Mary, her positive attitude and energy were indispensable for the production.
— Tomas Diaz, Director "Dalliance"
Mary’s talent and passion for acting made my experience as a director an absolute pleasure. Working with her was more like a dynamic collaboration between two artists through constant exchange of visions and ideas. Mary brings fresh perspectives and ideas through her deep analysis of her character’s psyche and behavior, that allowed her to bring the character to life. I was also awed by her professionalism. She is personable, dedicated and always willing to commit herself to a project and able to work with the director in a collaborative, enthusiastic way. Her charming personality and her willingness to take direction made me feel confident and supported when directing such a difficult piece as ‘Eros’. She was also extremely helpful on set and was really dedicated to helping me bring my project into reality. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful actress and I’m looking forward to more collaborations with Mary in the future.
— Shu Zhu, Director "Eros"
Mary was such a joy to work with on ‘The Last Interview’. Her professionalism and skill on memorizing large amounts of text in such a short period of time is a wonderful plus. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.
— Alan Tacle, Director "The Last Interview"