"Pieces" Directed by David Rey

"Pieces" debuted at the Chain NYC Film Festival August 4, 2014

I'm really proud of this short film!

The story takes the audience for a "fly on the wall" experience through a couple's unraveling relationship. Written by a talented friend of mine (and co-star) Brandon Scott Hughes and featuring the hilarious Deven Anderson.

My favorite part of working on this piece (pun intended) was getting to explore different interpretations of the opening to this film-from comedic to dramatic. Tod (Deven Anderson) had a German accent at one point! It's rare these days in this industry to have that kind of play time, and David was very encouraging! Through the process it helped us realize the tone that the story itself wanted to tell.

Check out the interview with our director David Rey.

Cast: Brandon Scott Hughes, Deven Anderson, and yours truly :)