May 2013

Director: Eric Norcross


"The Spaceship" is my feature film debut!  I stars as a UFO Huntress in this sci-fi thriller set in Staten Island.  Filming wrapped in May 2013.  "The Spaceship" is scheduled to premiere at the Manhattan Film Festival June 2014.

"What happens when alien technology falls into the wrong hands? THE SPACESHIP follows a young real estate investigator, Anna Shurin, who accidentally uncovers one of Staten Island’s darkest secrets. As innocent people start disappearing, Anna begins to realize other-worldly forces are at play. But will anyone believe her?

With the investigative intelligence of Law & Order and the sci-fi elements of Contact and Stargate, THE SPACESHIP takes the audience on a haunting and thrilling journey."

Check out the website: www.thespaceshipmovie.com