November 2012

Director: Alexander Meyers


"Glamour is dead. Death is glamourous."

Wear is a suspense drama that follows the story of a young actress named Madison and an eccentric photographer named Dieder. After a mysterious vision, Madison finds herself transported to a photo studio where Dieder is working. Although unable to explain this supernatural event, he seizes the opportunity to shoot with her. As their working relationship develops, Madison begins to have feelings for Dieder but finds herself intimidated by his friend Justine. Dieder becomes strangely drawn to Madison and decides that he wants her to be the subject of his next project-to travel to a forest where a photographer killed his model in order to "finish" the shoot. Madison, Dieder, Justine and Dieder's publisher Claude head up to the location where a menacing feeling soon sets in. The sense is unmistakable that the four of them are being watched by something - or someone - and that there will be a reproduction of the violence that once occurred in the forest...read more at http://meyersandlane.com/